Staff Granted Tenure


The Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education, upon the recommendation of the superintendent, granted tenure to 23 teachers.

At the elementary school level, tenure was granted to 12 educators, including Kristin Eberhardt, Kristen Pappas and Nicole Viscomi at Baker School; Lauren Heck and Kelly Rosario at Kennedy School; Stephanie Bailyn, Jennifer Seiden, Jaclyn Sharoni and Julie Smith at Lakeville School; Staci Solomon at Parkville School; and Meredith Moss and Colleen Guarneiri at Saddle Rock School.

Tenure was also granted to 11 educators at the secondary level, including Brendan Nelson, Cinthia Serowik and Rachael Weissman at North Middle; Carla Diesu, Joshua Dugan, Elena Gaeta and Justin Lander at South Middle; Christina Keys at North High; and Margaret Dunne, Lisa Todisco and Andrea Zinn at South High.

Over the course of two Board of Education meetings, principals spoke on behalf of the candidates they were recommending for tenure, expressing common themes: Candidates are passionate about their work; they bring out the best in their students; they engage their students and help them to love to learn.

Superintendent Teresa Prendergast “strongly recommended” each candidate, after meeting with each of them individually.

Board President Barbara Berkowitz called the granting of tenure a “very big deal here in Great Neck” and said that the candidates had “exceeded the toughest standards.”

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