Spotlight on Rick Canfield


Canfield_062415ARick Canfield, park supervisor of the Village Green, including the park office at 5 Beach Road, and Great Neck House, was born and raised here in Great Neck. Growing up as a park district resident, he began working for the district back in 1995. Canfield is a valued employee, maintaining the Village Green, the park office and Great Neck House, throughout the year.

His duties include ensuring the Village Green is always perfect, but especially for the annual Memorial Day parade, the outdoor summer movie and concert series and the annual Harvest Festival every fall. He recently played a major role in the renovation of the award-winning
rose garden. Over the years that Canfield has been assigned to the Village Green, there have
been many additions to the park, such as the Children’s PlayGarden, the new Veterans’ Memorial, the centerpiece water fountain, tree carvings, the doggie water fountain and more, all of which he makes sure are kept in A-1 condition for the park residents. Canfield has also spent countless hours helping to restore the Village Green in the aftermath of the 2010 microburst.

Recently, he has worked with the park district’s security staff to increase safety at the park. So, if you happen to see Rick Canfield the next time you are in the park, thank him for a job well done.

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