Speed Cams Up In Great Neck

The speed camera on the LIE Service Road in front of Great Neck North High School. The camera does not protect students, there is no place for pedestrians and South Campus are all provided bus transportation.

A Nassau County speed camera has been placed on the LIE Service Road in front of the gated Great Neck South High School. The state provided each school district with the opportunity to put one speed camera up in each district, with the goal of safety for students.

Neither school district officials nor local public officials approved of this LIE site. No pedestrians ever walk on the Service Road; all South High School and South Middle School students are offered bus service.

School district officials (as well as local mayors) recommended district schools that are located on neighborhood roads. The other elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in the district all have students who walk to school.

No pedestrians are being protected by a speed camera on the LIE Service Road. The only benefit is revenue from speeding tickets, revenue that goes to Nassau County.

No students are being offered protection in an area where they cannot walk.

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