South High Fencing Teams Shine At Holiday Tournament


South High School fencing teams competed against the best fencers on Long Island at the Brentwood Holiday Tournament on Saturday, Dec. 17. The Rebels had outstanding performances all around, with several students winning medals.

South High Fencing Holiday Tournament (Contributed photo)

Top performances from the Boys Fencing Team included: captain Ryan Wong, gold medal in saber; Siyuan (Mark) Xiang, silver medal in epee; Jia (Justin) Jiang, bronze medal in foil; Maxwell Tse, fifth place in epee; Huan (John) Chen, sixth place in saber; and captain Drew Kim, ninth place in foil.

Top performances from the Girls Fencing Team included: captain Vicki Lin, silver medal in saber; Alyssa Wong, bronze medal in saber; Justina Hom, silver medal in epee; Audrey Gao, bronze medal in epee; and Ashley Nguyen, sixth place in epee.
The South High Boys Fencing Team, coached by Joshua Baravarian, are the reigning Long Island fencing champions and two-time Nassau County champions (2021, 2022). The Girls Fencing Team, coached by Catie Sagevick, has won the Nassau County championship four years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022).

—Submitted by the Great Neck
Public School District

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