South AP Environmental Classes Tour GNWPCD

From left: Great Neck Water Pollution Control District Commissioner Jerry Landsberg, Commissioner Patty Katz and Superintendent Christopher Murphy flank Ms. Cipriano’s Advanced Placement Environmental Science class.

The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District (GNWPCD) recently welcomed two Great Neck South High School Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science classes to tour the wastewater treatment facility. The students’ visit coincided with their teacher Ms. Cipriano’s unit on wastewater management, which they will be tested on during the upcoming AP examination.

District Superintendent Christopher Murphy’s informative and interactive presentation focused on the environmental importance of wastewater treatment facilities. He described the eco-friendly technology at the district, including the ultraviolet disinfection system, anaerobic digesters, microturbine systems and the oxidation ditch.

From left: Great Neck Water Pollution Control District Commissioner Steve Reiter, Superintendent Christopher Murphy and Commissioner Patty Katz pose with Ms. Cipriano’s AP Environmental Science class during the educational visit.

After the lecture, students were guided around the wastewater facility, which brought what they had learned in the classroom and the presentation to life.

Throughout the visit, students asked insightful questions regarding wastewater treatment as a whole, as well as the industry-leading initiatives occurring at the district.

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