Some Like It Hot


kvetched about the lack of transition from winter to spring and then summer. I couldn’t wait for warmth and sunshine. Well, to quote the oft repeated cliché, “Be careful what you wish for—you might get it.”

Well, we have it—the heat’s on. Some like it hot, but I don’t. I have mixed feelings about summer.

The first thing I dislike is how unstimulating the days are for me. I am not a sports enthusiast. I don’t care for the beach, with too much sun and the inevitable sand in my crotch. I don’t play tennis or golf; you could call me a nerd. It’s too hot to schlep into the city to go to the theater, but I go anyway. Call me a masochist.

The humidity ruins my hair—frizzy is not in. I am loathe to expose my swinging upper arms, therefore vanity forces me to wear long-sleeve garments, which add to the heat. The air conditioner is blasting away, which I don’t love, but I gotta have it or I’d melt into a puddle of perspiration.

My friends are vacationing in cool climates—not me. I didn’t make vacation plans, which was very neglectful. I was fooled by the cool spring weather.

I have been trying to find qualities about this summer that are beneficial, but these attempts are gradually being gnawed away by the heat created in the political climate, spewing misery on the inhabitants of our society, forcing my attention away from seeking pleasure into the direction of anger. The Fourth of July holiday, when all the patriots marched in parades and sent fireworks into the sky to commemorate our country’s independence, has come and gone. It’s now time for a showdown at the OK Coral (aka Congress). Team USA Brave Ones versus Team Trump Two-timers, who are at loggerheads. Team USA Brave ones must repair the damage or we will become the United States of Trump.

I couldn’t resist this little tirade—the heat made me do it. I feel less hostile now having digressed from the less steamy aspects of this season.

To continue my treatise on summertime, there is a good side to every situation. The days are longer and the additional light allows for more activity later in the day. Summer is free from the fear of snowstorms and the agony of digging out my car. I am relieved of the necessity to wear heavy coats and boots that weigh on my back and feet.

I am reevaluating my attitude toward the summer season. It has its positive merits. I can devote less time to the unpleasant aspects of the climate and concentrate on the good things. I could write, and paint with forays to the pool and library. I could also stay in my digs indoors and come out in the evening like a mole.

Of course, there are the flowers blooming in a parade of strikingly glorious colors. Then, there are the delicious fruits and veggies fresh from the farm. OK, OK, I might begin to like the summer season.

Since I have let the air out of my frustration, I think I will take a plunge into the pool and cool off.

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