Smart Choices And Kind Voices


I applaud the slogan of Saddle Rock Elementary School—“Smart Choices, Kind Voices.” The election of Board of Education (BOE) trustee on Tuesday, May 16, represents the ultimate choice of Great Neck residents and voices of community members. The question becomes—how to make smart choices in a civilized way?

I am impressed by the courage of the two candidates, Jeffrey Shi and Nicholas Kron, who step forward, and appreciate their knowledge and experiences. The minimum qualification for the BOE member is stated in the bylaws. The residents need to make a choice for who is better qualified for such an important role.

In many voters’ minds, Jeff Shi is 100 percent trustworthy with his steadfast support for public school. He exhibits integrity both in words and actions. He is honest, transparent, capable and a leader, as well as a team player. Seeing that Great Neck is in a very pivotal point, he stands out with courage and determination. During this period, Jeff has been working tirelessly to reach out to different groups to better understand how to unite our community to work for an even better future.

Jeff’s action in last few months speaks for him—his integrity, his dedication, his kindness in trying times and more. No one has the answer for all tough questions and no one alone can solve all challenging issues. At the end of the day, team effort works.

Talent comes in different shapes and forms. We are encouraged that, during this election, Great Neck residents are becoming increasingly open-minded, are embracing diversity in leadership styles and are staying focused on real issues.

We all have lessons learned from our own experiences or someone else’s story. One lesson from this election is that a candidate must establish a good reputation, set the records straight and earn voters’ trust.

I wish all the best to the candidates, their families and supporters. As a community, we need to reset our footing on a more collaborative path for the brighter future of our children, our neighbors and the society as a whole.

—Wenhui (Wendy) Fan

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