Silverstein Hebrew Academy Welcomes Estates Police

A Great Neck Estates Police Department officer places his helmet on a student’s head, so she can experience some of the equipment police use on the job.

Officers from the Great Neck Estates Police Department recently visited the Silverstein Hebrew Academy (SHA) to talk with students about safety, using several hands-on activities and experiences to highlight the safety themes being discussed in class.

This event was coordinated by the school as part of a unit on community helpers, teaching students to recognize and feel safe around law enforcement officers, firefighters, doctors, dentists and other professionals. The interpersonal lesson reflects SHA’s commitment to providing students with unique and inspiring opportunities to engage with their academic lessons and prepare them for real-life experiences.

Silverstein Hebrew Academy students listen as officers from the Great Neck Estates Police Department explain the lifesaving nature of Kevlar vests, and some of the dangers policemen face on a daily basis.

During the visit, police officers taught students basic safety precautions and let students try on Kevlar vests and police helmets. The children also had the opportunity to ask the officers questions about what it is like working in law enforcement and how they should react in potentially unsafe situations.

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