Shoddy Snow Removal


Living in Great Neck Plaza for well over 25 years, I want to comment on the snow removal following Winter Storm Jonas in our village and the main streets in Great Neck.

In past years, the snow removal, particularly in the plaza, has been quick, excellent and ongoing during the storms and after. This past storm was handled abominably, incompetently and sloppily. And those are words of praise!

For instance, on our street of Knights Bridge, where on all other Wednesdays, there is no parking from 9 to 10 each week (posters were prominently posted “No parking Wednesday from 9 to 12”), the street was filled with cars and not one ticket was given out. Okay, you don’t want to ticket from 10 to 12, but the rules are 9 to 10; there is no “teeth” in the regulations, and understanding that there has to be a bit of liberality and “forgiveness” during bad storms, et al, this impeded the plowers from doing their job.

As I drive to some stores in the old village even today, Middle Neck Road went from two driving lanes to one, because if you park in a legitimate spot, you are sticking out into traffic.

Bad job guys.

Bonnie Lyons Salkind

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