SHAI Sponsors Health Forum Thursday


images2The Sephardic Heritage Alliance invites the public to attend its fourth environmental forum, The Power of Knowledge: An Environmental Health Forum on Thursday, May 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Great Neck House.

The panelists include: Laura Weinberg, president, Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition, who will focus on the toxins that you can avoid and the scientific research that supports such a strategy; Nicole Lalezarzadeh, Students and Science Intern Scholar, who has done cancer research at Tufts University Medical School sponsored by the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition and has independently reviewed the data on cosmetic and personal care products. She will be discussing chemicals to avoid in products that are harmful for family and the environment; Patti Wood, executive director Grassroots Environmental Education who will discuss growing health concerns about wireless meters being installed by utility companies and their effects on young children; and Erin Reilly, Town of North Hempstead, chief sustainability Officer, with a focus on what you can do to protect your community from environmental hazards.

Carol Frank will moderate. Frank is an environmental journalist who serves as a director, representing the Town of North Hempstead on the Water Authority of Great Neck North.

SHAI is a multi-faceted organization that focuses on keeping the Persian community’s sense of heritage alive. The organization has reached out to form partnerships with other community organizations to promote alliances for the common good of all people living in Great Neck. Environmental forums in the past have focused on water quality and energy conservation.

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