Senator Phillips Secures Funds For EOC


Senator Elaine Phillips has secured $49,000 in state funding for the Manhasset-Great Neck EOC center.

Incorporated as the Economic Opportunity Council, Inc., in 1966 with a mission to help at-risk youth and families by providing support for both children and their families, EOC provides various programs aimed at enriching and improving children’s lives, as its motto, Encouraging Our Children, implies.

Senator Elaine Phillips with children at the Manhasset-Great Neck EOC

“The wonderful staff at the Manhasset-Great Neck EOC provides children with essential programs and services that pave the way for a successful future,” said Phillips. “This funding will help the EOC with key programs for children of all ages and help to ensure they have the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe environment.”

Phillips toured the center and watched the children play musical games, perform dance routines and practice spelling.

“We really appreciate this funding because it will give us the opportunity to do more programs with the youth in the community,” said EOC Executive Director Stephanie Chenault. “It was exciting to have Senator Phillips here to visit and we look forward to working with her in the future.”

The Manhasset-Great Neck EOC offers a variety of programs that provide children with a safe, enriching and fun experience. Children in the center’s summer program are taught self-esteem, self-confidence and responsibility through a wide range of educational activities and sports.

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