Letter: Senator Elaine Phillips Is Bad For Our Health


By Charlotte Sear

Senator Elaine Phillips is not an advocate for women’s health­—or anyone’s health. She recently exited the senate to avoid voting on the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act and the Reproductive Health Act, bills essential to women’s health and equality.

Last September, eight constituents concerned about health care (experts and patients), requested a meeting with Senator Phillips. Material was sent describing pending health legislation. She agreed to the meeting, then canceled it. We arranged another meeting; it was also canceled.

At a prior meeting in Westbury, many constituents voiced concerns about the Affordable Care Act repeal. Senator Phillips responded by saying she knew very little about health care and didn’t want to be harassed.

Senator Phillips only does what the GOP tells her. The GOP will again flood her campaign with massive donations to maintain the Republican majority, as she remains disinterested in health legislation and other issues critical to us.

I will not be voting for her, regardless of how many dozens of colorful mailings she sends, each saying she “cares.” If she doesn’t care about legislation essential to public health, she is not who we want in office. Vote for Anna Kaplan. She cares.

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