Secondary Staff Granted Tenure


One secondary school administrator and 25 secondary school teachers were honored for their dedication with tenure appointments made official at the June 16 meeting of the Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education.
“Tonight is one of those most special nights,” said Superintendent Thomas Dolan. “Tenure is earned and the work you have done is considerable. I have reviewed all the candidates’ records and personally met with each of them. I congratulate you and thank you. I am honored to recommend all 26 candidates for tenure.”
The grantees are:
Samantha Tarantola (assistant principal at North Middle School)
North High teachers: Matthew Blackstone (English), Eileen Davidson (English), Lindsay Haskel (special education), Israel Henriquez (foreign language), Maya Lerner (science), Jamie Reyna (special education), and Blair Silver (special education).
South High teachers: Holly Cipriano (science), Kimberly Gewitz (social studies), Peter Marques (physical education & recreation), Thomas Marr (English/drama), Michael Moran (English), and Jessica Skemer (speech/hearing).
Village School teachers: Lauren Gengo (English) and Cindy Pavlic (special education).
Samantha Gallagher (social studies) was granted tenure at the SEAL Program and North High.
North Middle teachers: William Giannone (mathematics), Kerri Paino (special education), Amanda Reilly (guidance), Jacquelyn Tomlet (music), and Yun (Lillian) Zhang (foreign languages; also at South High).
South Middle teachers: Jacqueline Hazel (special education), Daniel Isaac (social studies), Lawrence Nahoum (social studies), and Paul Pelech (mathematics department head).
“Tenure is a cause for celebration,” Board President Barbara Berkowitz told the candidates. “You have undergone arduous evaluations and reflect the high standards in Great Neck.”

— From The Great Neck Public Schools