Second Bond Issue Presentation


At the Nov. 14 meeting of the Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education, representatives from BBS Architects & Engineers will make the second presentation on the proposed Bond Issue that will be presented to voters in a referendum on Feb. 14. Areas to be covered at this meeting include educational enhancements for the district’s schools and programs, which were suggested by school principals, who worked closely with their building’s parent and staff committees.

The first Bond Issue presentation was made at the Board of Education meeting on Oct. 20, also by BBS Architects & Engineers. At that meeting, critical envelope outside improvements for the district’s 18 buildings were presented. Areas to be considered include roof/window/door replacements and masonry reconstruction. The estimate for these projects is $51.7 million.

Community groups wishing for more information about the Bond Issue may submit questions to the administration or the Board of Education, or make a request for a presentation at one of their meetings.

At its Dec. 12 meeting, the board will adopt the State Environmental Quality Review Assessment (SEQRA) Resolution and the Bond Referendum Resolution.

The Bond Issue “will address the critical health, safety and security needs of the district’s school buildings and community facilities, and serve as an investment in our schools, sustaining Great Neck’s tradition of excellence and helping our students remain competitive with their peers in similar districts,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Teresa Prendergast. “Items for consideration in the bond will include specific educational enhancements to our programs. Projects will preserve our school buildings for decades to come and will sustain the community’s investment in its schools.”

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