Scouts Make Gadgets With Branches And Rope


Great Neck Boy Scouts Troop 10 completed a successful weekend camping trip when 16 Scouts and four adults camped at Bullowa Scout Camp in Stony Point, New York.

New Scouts completed training in the safety, proper care and use of a pocket knife, a camp saw and a hand ax. The older Scouts lashed together three flagpoles, each consisting of three 6-foot wooden staves, to which they affixed pulleys. The Scouts dug holes and erected flagpoles, and the new Scouts learned the proper technique for handling the American flag with respect.

Later, the Scouts split into two groups and, using catapults, had a war with water balloons. They then cleaned up and made sure there was no trace of their event.

The three Scout patrols, the one senior Scout patrol and the adult leaders’ patrol each cooked their own dinners. Dinner cleanup was rather quick and they enjoyed a roaring campfire before going to sleep.

Each patrol cooked its own breakfast and, after a thorough cleanup, the new Scouts were tested on what they had learned the previous day. At 10 a.m., they departed for home.

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