Schools Boost ELL Support


schoolgoalWEBThe Great Neck School District is now set for an even greater effort in identifying English Language Learners and providing these students with an appropriate instructional program. This is not a new policy, but a revision of the already existing Policy On Limited English Proficiency. The revision was developed to reflect recently revised New York State Commissioner of Education Regulations that will go into reflect for the 2015-16 school year.

The Board of Education’s current policy, and the proposed policy revision, state that the board believes that students who, “by reason of foreign birth or ancestry,” have limited English proficiency,” will be more effective learners of both the language and the curriculum if they receive a comprehensive program of instruction and a full array of educational support services. In keeping with this philosophy, the school district will take steps to ensure that these students are identified and provided with an appropriate program.

So, as a result, pursuant to policy and the New York State Education Department (commissioner of education’s regulations), the superintendent of schools is to develop appropriate administrative regulations to ensure that all of these indicated students are: properly screened; appropriately identified; evaluated annually; assured of access to appropriate instruction and support services; assured of equal opportunities.

The superintendent of schools is to be responsible for all of these requirements, and along with the school district will provide appropriate information to the parents of all such possible students in the program.

The school district will also provide an orientation program annually for parents of students newly enrolled in the program.

All teachers for this English Language Proficiency Program will be properly certified.

Since this was only the first reading of this policy revision, at least three more public hearings are required prior to adoption.

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