School Board Reviewing Card Policy


greatneckschoolsThe use of credit cards within the Great Neck School District is now under review by the Board of Education. At the last school board public action meeting on March 30, the school board, following a recommendation by the school district’s internal auditor, is considering a revision of the Policy On the Use of Credit Cards. The proposed revision is intended to reflect current procedures regarding the authorization for the use of the school district’s credit cards. The proposed revision also addresses the process for reviewing and approving monthly credit card statements.

The policy states that the school board “recognizes the need for the assistant superintendent to have use of a district credit card to pay for necessary expenses incurred in the performance of work related duties for the district.” The policy also states that credit cards may only be used for “legitimate school district business expenditures.” The school board makes it very clear, within the policy, that such use of credit cards is definitely not intended to circumvent the district’s policy on purchasing.

Regarding purchases that are unauthorized, illegal, represent a conflict of interest, are personal in nature, or violate the intent of the Policy On Use of Credit Cards, such actions may result in credit card recocation and disciplinary action.

Further, the policy states that the assistant superintendent for business, and, as applicable, the director of transportation, are responible for reviewing and approving all monthly credit card statements. And each credit card statement must also be reviewed by the superintendent of schools and forwarded to the board of education.

No action was taken on this proposed policy revision. A new policy, a revised policy or a policy revision must be heard at a public action meeting at least three times prior to adoption. This proposed policy revision will be read again, for a second time, at the next board of education meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 7:30 p.m., at Great Neck North Middle School. The public action meeting will immediately follow school board recognition of North Middle School students.

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