Sassouni And Shi For Trustees


Please vote for Rebecca Sassouni for Susan Healy’s Board of Education trustee seat on Tuesday, May 16. I have the privilege to call Rebecca Sassouni my friend for more than a decade. As trustee, she will combine fiscal astuteness with policy expertise.

She can deal with budget concerns and policy measures. She is a bridge to all neighbors. She is our community advocate—hrough her work with UPTC, SHAI, her place of worship—and she has held leadership roles on numerous parent-based school PTAs. I have had opportunities to serve with her in our community on many levels. She has our children’s and our community’s best interest at heart. She is the finest candidate for this seat as she endorses public education as an important cornerstone for our community.

Jeff Shi also has my endorsement for Board of Education trustee in the upcoming election.

Jeff moved his family to the GNPS district for its great public schools. His stance on public education in our community is to have our school district continue to be one of the best in the nation.

Among many strong assets, Jeff brings a rare skill set to the trustee position. He has an electrical engineering degree from Cooper Union and, of course, has technology experience that is unrivaled.

For more than 20 years, he has worked in the financial, health-care and technology industries. His expertise concentrates in managing large computer systems in support of business operations. As the bond and budget is agreed upon, he will have a unique perspective and insight regarding efforts toward reviewing components within his expertise in relationship to our schools.

Jeff has an analytical mind and understands the complexities of the budget and the bond referendum. He will be central to the Board of Education as it seeks to alleviate fiscal pressures. He is ardently interested in representing all community stakeholders.

Please vote for Rebecca Sassouni and Jeff Shi as Great Neck Board of Education trustees. Vote Yes for the budget and Yes for the bond. Please do so for our children and our community. It is crucial that you vote pro-public education on Tuesday, May 16.

—Judy Liman

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