Restore The Sixth Precinct 


By Sandra Atlas Bass

In response to your article “Safety Concerns Cited in Sixth Precinct Rally” in the March 23-29 issue of the Great Neck Record, I have lived in Kings Point in Great Neck since the age of 3 and have seen the massive changes in this community. It is now very large—housing many different faiths and cultures—with many small streets and many large ones.

We, in Great Neck, were previously served by Nassau County Police Department’s Sixth Precinct. The Sixth Precinct had detectives who solved many crimes in Great Neck. They served us well and we, Great Neck residents, felt safe and protected. Since 2012, Great Neck has diminished police presence and, so, there is less protection—there are no detectives—most of the protection we have is issued by the individual village police and they cannot measure up in any way to a fully manned and operated Sixth Precinct.

Great Neck and Kings Point residents pay huge taxes. We are entitled to the restoration of the Sixth Precinct with enough policemen and women and detectives that we, again, can feel and be fully protected.

I know that, in this letter, I am voicing the feelings of most Great Neck residents.

Thank you for your attention. I hope that this mistake can be changed.


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