Residents Organize Security Mission To Israel For Fox News

Photo by Yitzchak Nisim
Photo by Yitzchak Nisim

Conservative media personality and FOX News contributor Major Pete Hegseth (third from left) embarked on a fact-finding mission to Israel to explore security issues from Aug. 15 to 18. The mission was organized by Great Neck Estates residents Dr. Paul Brody (second from right) and his wife, Drora, along with Dr. Joe Frager (far left). A festive banquet honoring Hegseth’s mission and its organizers was held at Jerusalem’s Leonardo Plaza Hotel, which was attended by many dignitaries and media personalities. Also pictured are former Mossad Director and current member of the Israeli Knesset (MK) Avi Dichter (second from left), chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee; MK Eli Ben Dahan, deputy defense minister of Israel (behind Israeli flag); and MK Mordechai (Moti) Yogev. Having trained forces in counter-terrorism tactics in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hegseth, who recently authored In the Arena, declared that America could learn a great deal from Israel in how to confront and overcome an enemy.

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