Reopening Of Nail Salons Calls For New Safety Procedures

This setup includes the screen placed between customers for social distance as well as the plastic screen placed between the employee and customer.
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The pandemic has caused many local and nationwide businesses to reconsider their safety procedures for the health and safety of employees and customers. Nail salons are some of the many businesses experiencing shifts in their hygienic practices. 

Great Neck-based Red Nails Diva has changed its safety protocols in accordance with the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Other salons, too, have made changes, too, to meet CDC standards. 

At this local beauty parlor, both employees and customers are required to wear face masks. Employees are required to wear gloves while they treat customers. 

Various procedures are now used at this beauty parlor upon the customer’s entrance. Jennifer Yim, owner of Red Nails Diva, describes the safety protocols. 

“We measure people’s temperature and if they’re above the normal range, which is 98.6 or 98.5 or 98.7, they cannot come in,” Yim said. “So far, I have had nobody who is like that. But I would have to say, ‘Excuse me, I’m sorry that you’re going to have to go see a doctor because you have a temperature.’”

In addition to measuring people’s temperature, customers are also required to sign a consent form. The paperwork indicates that the individual agrees to nail treatment amid circumstances of the pandemic. 

On another note, many stores have set capacity restrictions. Red Nails Diva, like others, now follows a 50 percent capacity rule. 

“From what I remember, the occupancy for the place is supposed to be—used to be—50. One person per 50-square-feet,” Yim said. “Now it changed to one person per 100. We reduced it by 50 percent.”

Being that there is limited room for customers, the salon only pampers those who make an appointment; there are no walk-ins available. Also, there is no lingering allowed in the salon. 

On a similar note to restricted capacity, there are the additional cautions that this business is adhering to for social distance. Each customer is separated by a screen that protects them from being in close proximity to a customer near them. A plastic screen is also placed between the customer and the employee. Additionally, before a customer sits in a manicure or pedicure chair, the equipment is thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants to allow for proper use. 

With the combination of restricted customer capacity, more expensive cleaning equipment as well as additional factors, Yim explains that prices have increased at her nail salon, and other local salons too. 

Despite all the changes in the nail treatment experience, Yim feels fortunate as she sees many of her customers returning and showing cooperation. 

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