Remembering Betty Rosenzweig


For all of our devoted, longtime readers, we sadly report that a very special columnist and reporter, Betty Rosenzweig, died last week. Betty, who had lived in Great Neck for years and years, raising her children here, along with her husband, Marty, who predeceased her many years ago, had moved to Boston in later years, to be closer to her children.

Human interest stories, right on-target news stories (always with a human point of view) and Betty’s famous “Round the Clock” column were high spots each week in the Great Neck Record. Her absence at the Record was noted as soon as she retired and moved away. Even today, her many still-loyal fans are often reminded of Betty’s special touch as they read an article about red fox on the peninsula, hear of chickens walking freely on some of our streets at times or learn of a unique Great Neck family.

Betty Rosenzweig was special, as special as the memories that Great Neck shares.

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