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GCACRegistration_11315.BNew Classes Being Offered for Winter and Spring Starting Jan. 11

As a brand new year begins on Long Island, a new batch of fun and educational programs for childrens, teens and adults are beginning at the Gold Coast Arts Center. The Winter/Spring 2016 catalog is available and enrollment began on Monday, Jan. 11. The new year is a great time to begin a new journey or continue to embrace a lifelong passion. With classrooms, studios, a theater, event space and gallery, the arts center supports the best in performance, education, exhibition and outreach in the heart of Great Neck.

GCACRegistration_11315.CWith an extensive array of course offerings in areas such as art, dance, music (private lessons for all ages), ceramics, acting and musical theater, chess, robotics, fencing and music together (for parents and children), some of the new classes for the new year are welcome additions to the fun. In Advanced Piano, Tuomo Uusitalo introduces students to different styles from classical to pop and jazz, and will work on a deeper understanding of harmony, rhythm and improvisation. For the young growing minds interested in a first musical experience, Introduction to Instruments (ages 5+) taught by Tina Lama gives students the basics, including how to read music, play instruments (piano, guitar, percussion and voice) and learn music history. In Meet the Violin (ages 6+), taught by Hsinwei Chiang, students will be introduced to basic violin and music training through games, movements and stories while learning the simple pleasures of playing music.

GCACRegistration_11315.AIn the world of art and theater, Children’s Theater/Design Workshop (ages 7+) is a unique experience that introduces children to a variety of performance mask arts from around the world (such as African and Native American storytelling/dance, Japanese Noh theater and Ancient Greek theater). The class focuses on similarities and differences in all of these art forms to try and determine the unique nature of masks and how they change the way stories are told and performed on stage. Join Broadway Bound Junior Children’s Theater (ages 6 to 8) and Broadway Bound Children’s Theater (ages 9 to 14) and be part of new wonderful productions in May.

With all of these new classes, along with an outstanding array of educational, performance-based and musically engaging activities at the Gold Coast Arts Center, the new year is the perfect time to dive in and engage your passions, or encourage friends and family to do the same. The Gold Coast Arts Center is located at 113 Middle Neck Rd. in Great Neck. For more information, call 516-829-2570, or to view Winter/Spring Course offerings, visit

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