Reelect Mayor Bral


The upcoming election for mayor of the Village of Great Neck is a very important one for all residents.

For the past two years, our current mayor, Pedram Bral, and the trustees have conducted an excellent and transparent administration. The village finances are improved and, most importantly, communication between government and resident has also improved.

As a person with several stents in his chest, I am pleased to know that now our ambulance service will have a dedicated paramedic throughout the night, when most heart attacks take place.

I urge all residents of the Village of Great Neck to reelect Mayor Bral and Anne Mendelson and Steven Hope for trustees. The alternative is a candidate who has no experience and only knows how to divide people, creating fear by innuendo and twisted truth. Such a person should not represent the Village of Great Neck. Do not allow that to happen.

—Norman Gersman

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