Letter: Reelect Bart Sobel As Trustee


I am writing to urge my fellow Village of Great Neck residents to reelect Bart Sobel as trustee this June 19.

Bart is a very active member of the current and past boards, and we need him to keep working on our behalf. In addition to his day-to-day demanding work conducting the business of the village as its deputy mayor, he has spearheaded specific projects to improve the quality of life for his constituents. Among these are the new Street Fair/Music Festival and the revamping of Village Court to make it a faster, friendlier and more efficient system. Bart is currently working to build a pedestrian bridge to connect the Allenwood and Baker Hill neighborhoods and is active in the downtown re-visioning project, two undertakings that will greatly benefit all of us.

Bart and his wife are invested in the community, raising their four children, ages 10 to 19, in the village. He is also a local business owner, practicing law here in Great Neck for the past 22 years. He has been active in Great Neck civics in many ways, including with the Great Neck Library, the Great Neck Park District and, currently, as a member of the board of the Great Neck Chamber of Commerce.

Bart’s opponent has no relevant experience and has shown no prior interest in civic or governmental involvement. The job of trustee is too important to entrust to such a candidate.

Be sure to come out and vote on June 19, and vote to reelect Bart Sobel as trustee of the Village of Great Neck, on the Great Neck Greater Village Party line. He is the right man for the job.

—Adam Cohen

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