Random Acts Of Kindness


On Saturday, Jan. 25, we experienced a throwback to the Great Neck of old—where people were more considerate of one another and more willing to offer help, if needed. It was most heartwarming on such a frigid and icy day.

After doing some errands on Middle Neck Road, I (Ronna) returned to my car, which was parked in the outside Maple Drive lot, only to find that the battery was dead. I sat for about 20 minutes while I attempted to reach my husband and the local garage that we use. Having no luck and becoming colder by the minute, I made my way to Terracotta, where I knew I would be welcomed.

Shelley Greenberg, proprietor of this glorious floral paradise, immediately offered me tea, a chair, warm surroundings, and a sympathetic ear.

When my husband was finally able to get to the Maple Drive lot, we were fortunate to encounter Dwight, a Village of Great Neck Plaza code-enforcement officer. Seeing our plight, he approached us and asked how he could help. We relinquished the jumper cables to him and he took care of the rest. In addition to our verbal thank you, we offered Dwight a gratuity for his assistance. He would not take it. He told us he was only doing his job.

It’s reassuring to know that kind people, such as Shelley and Dwight, still exist here.

Ronna and Bernard Telsey

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