Pride in Our Community


These past two weeks a very proud community enjoyed celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Great Neck School District and the 100th anniversary of the Great Neck Chamber of Commerce. What a wonderful tribute to our bustling community and its proud history. What a wonderful town to call home. What a wonderful neighborhood in which to grow and learn. What a wonderful, bustling business community.

The school district’s “party” to honor its history was alive with an amazing video of the past and present, and hopes and dreams for the future. Two Sundays ago, old friends and new friends all somehow involved with the Great Neck schools gathered to reminisce, honor outstanding graduates and share dreams for the future.

And last week the Great Neck Chamber of Commerce hosted an anniversary gala, complete with a whole of host of honorees (including a United States congressman and an erudite Great Neck resident a full year older than the Chamber of Commerce). It was truly a gala evening to celebrate and plan for events to further support local businesses.

There is a lot to celebrate in Great Neck. Take a look around and see beautiful homes, charming country roads, spectacular waterfront views, thriving downtown streets and schools overflowing with opportunities and learning.

Enjoy your hometown and keep that pride flowing.

—Wendy Karpel Kreitzman

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