Prelude To The Prom


Preprom captures a last night with old friends

Seniors Jason Kohan, Chloe Kalimian, Koorosh Nabatian, Maya Tabaroki, Moshe Payami and Orel Yacobian pose. (Photo by Leila Sassouni)

The Great Neck North High School senior class gathered at Steppingstone Park for preprom on Thursday, June 13. This graduating class of 281 students crowded together with friends and family to take hundreds of joyous pictures.

Following preprom, the Class of 2019 headed to the lavish Bourne Mansion in Oakdale to celebrate an unforgettable prom night with their friends.

Senior girls arrived at the park wearing colorful long gowns and corsages. Senior boys were dressed in suits adorned with boutonnieres and accented with ties that closely matched the color of their date’s dress.

Senior Noah Hanover and junior Chloe Katchis (Photo by Leila Sassouni)

While prom is a happy occasion, many students shared melancholy emotions. Some students expressed excitement for their future chapter at college, while others could not fathom the thought of leaving their childhood friends.

Senior Talia Salamat was both excited to celebrate prom with her friends and to start a new chapter at college.

Seniors Juliet Eshaghoff and Xena Fouladi (Photo by Leila Sassouni)

“I don’t know. I’m kind of, like, sad but I’m also excited to start a new chapter of my life,” said Salamat. “I guess it’s unfortunate that I’m leaving my friends behind, because we’re all going to different schools. But, I’m just excited to spend this last time all together and to start a new chapter.”

Seniors Daniel Itzkowitz and Rachel Schluss (Photo by Leila Sassouni)

Senior Daniel Itzkowitz shared a similar sentiment and his changing thoughts over the course of the last few days.

“For a very long time, I have been so excited for college and my future endeavors that I had not fully realized how meaningful my time at Great Neck North was,” Itzkowitz explained. “Recently, I have become very aware of how much my friends and the community have made a profound impact on me. It’s exciting to see what everyone will accomplish as we move on to bigger and better things after prom and graduation.”

Senior Talia Salamat with her date from another school (Photo by Leila Sassouni)

Aside from the upcoming graduation, prom is the last opportunity that seniors have to be in the presence of and to celebrate with their entire class.

Senior Juliet Eshaghoff reflected on this new milestone in her life and discussed her eagerness to graduate and meet new people at college.

“I was very excited for senior prom. It’s the end of the year, so we’re all together for the last time. It’s a very big moment, a big milestone,” Eshaghoff said. “This makes me more excited for the next chapter of my life because I’m excited to leave the school behind and leave the people behind and make more memories in the future.”

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