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Voters of Great Neck who are tired of government by real estate moguls should vote for Sam Yellis for trustee on June 16. It’s time for an honest public official to look out for our interests, not those of the local business crowd and mega-developers.

The incumbents, on bended knee before developers, unleashed an onslaught of new apartments, townhouses and cars. Their party organization is linked to the worst patronage practices of both the Nassau Republican and Democratic machines and is dedicated only to self-enrichment.

Yellis has taught Great Neck teens social studies for 15 years and knows what needs be done. He testified in Village Hall against disastrous rezoning and for the Academy Gardens, as well as against the harebrained plan to permit “mother-daughter” apartments.

An independent, Yellis advocates a new look at rezoning, housing not aimed solely for one percent, making Village Green a community center for cultural interests that would benefit merchants and making village government more responsive to the people. He advocates curbing traffic on Middle Neck Road and creating a shuttle service.

Yellis says it’s time to end self-dealing: stop allowing former village officials from representing clients before village boards. Bar conflicts-of-interest, such as having a trustee on the board of the Housing Authority and the highly paid Building Superintendent on the Architectural Review Committee. Post texts of proposed laws on the village website before hearings, rather than print them in agate type in a newspaper edited by the mayor’s wife.

We could do worse than to have an independent and fresh voice on the Village Board. Sam Yellis is that man.

David Zielenziger

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