Please Shovel The Snow


When there are snowstorms, I realize that Great Neck and Manhasset are the only places where no one shovels around their property. Last year, we had such terrible snowstorms and many people slipped on the ground and fell. This occurred because no one shoveled out the snow from their property. Our first season of snow this year is a lot worse than last year and it should be a rule that each and every single property must shovel out the snow and try to be a good Samaritan. Last year, most people who fell were injured really badly and people who tried to help the injured person told them to sue or the property that wasn’t shoveled got a ticket. It can become quite serious if no one cleans the snow off their property. This is really important for everyone to be aware of.

The bus stop at the train station, where people wait for the bus, is never shoveled properly. Such an area is a must to be shoveled because a bunch of people wait out there and they can fall on the ground. Nothing is ever done as properly as it should be in Great Neck. It’s a very quiet town. People are rarely around at night. When it’s stormy, it’s left as is. Once it gets dark, the town gets really quiet. Great Neck is a nice place, but doesn’t get enough care.


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