Please Fix Rush-Hour Traffic Issues


Regarding “Chronicles of a Persian Mom” in the July 27–Aug. 2 issue of the Great Neck Record, trying to drive southbound on Lakeville Road in rush hour causes a three-minute drive to turn into 15 minutes.

The culprit is the traffic light at north end of the Lakeville and Horace Harding intersection. A three-lane street going west to east gets about 25 seconds of green light. For 20 seconds of that 25, it is empty.

Then going north to south, we have single-lane Lakeville Road getting, at most, seven seconds of green. At most, four cars pass the light per cycle.

The result is a long line of 50 to 60 frustrated drivers in their cars, sometimes driving into incoming traffic just to cut in. People need to get to where they want to go in a reasonable time.

My take is that more traffic studies can be done. Install some lights or fix their timing. Ban left turns from single-lane streets in rush hour.

Status quo is becoming problematic as more people move into our neighborhood.

—Chao Liang

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