Please Drive Carefully


There Are Lots of Children Around 

School is out and there are a lot more youngsters out and about all day long. Little children playing outside, older ones skateboarding and riding bikes, and young people of all ages walking to and from town. And while Great Neck is often praised as a very nurturing, very safe, community, there are definitely dangers out there on the roads.

More and more we hear people complaining about dangerous driving.

Even though we do have a hands-free cell phone law, it does seem that every other car we see on the road has a driver chatting away, holding a cell phone. Stop signs have really become ‘stoptional’ and double parking seems to be the rule.

We could go on an on, but we won’t. It suffices to say that we should all use our heads and follow the law when driving. Arriving a few minutes late never killed anyone, but disregarding traffic laws while you rush has claimed many lives.

And please, please, remember to watch out for the children when you drive!

Wendy Karpel Kreitzman 

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