Plaza Incumbents Endorsed


I strongly endorse trustees Gerry Schneiderman and Larry Katz for the Great Neck Plaza election. I have attended many board meetings at the Plaza. No matter what is in front of the board, the mayor and trustees always asks for input from the public. Each person is given time and opinions are listened to and valued.  A recent example was when the gym in the shopping center closed and Planet Fitness wanted to open. There were many meetings with every seat taken. Each person who wanted to speak, was allowed. All their concerns were included in the conditional use permit regarding operating time, safety issues and use of tanning beds. This village has representatives that listen and are inclusive. These trustees are diligent in being fiscally responsible. Since the governor passed his 2 percent tax cap, every village, town, school district, library district and special districts has had to pass a law giving them the right to override if needed when their budget is completed. But, this board never overrode it and did not raise village taxes in six out of eight years. In addition, safety is a major concern for the residents and over $4 million of government money has been secured to address that. I know the bump-outs, roundabouts, and redesign of Great Neck Road has led to a reduction in pedestrian injuries as confirmed by NYS. I love going to the events the village organizes, whether it is the summer weekly concerts, restaurant weeks or the many outdoor dining promenades. We need the continued expertise, honesty and dedication Schneiderman and Katz have give to Great Neck Plaza. Please vote for them to continue as trustees.

Eileen S. Falk

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