Phillips Stands Up To Fight Corruption As The Republican Candidate For The Seventh Senate District

Elaine Phillips
Elaine Phillips

Elaine Phillips has been involved in local government for five years and is currently the mayor of Flower Hill. She is the Republican candidate running for New York State Senate in the Seventh District, which represents 32 villages, the largest number in any district in New York State.

Phillips comes from humble beginnings and is self-made. At age 12, her father died and her mom, a worker at the American Legion, had to raise her alone. She is the first in her family to attend college and receive a degree, and knows what it means to be supported through community efforts, such as the Rotary Club International. She was a Rotary Exchange Student and attended Penn State University, where she studied political science as an undergraduate and, with a graduate assistantship, earned a graduate degree in finance.

With her first job in financial services, Phillips relocated to New York City. She later married, had two children and moved to Manhasset 21 years ago.

Phillips was also on the board of the Science Museum of Long Island and was the first working woman to be president of the Manhasset School Community Association.

Former mayor of the Village of Munsey Park Harry Nicolaides invited Phillips to participate in local government when she was appointed to a vacant trustee position, which she accepted. When she moved to the Village of Flower Hill, she was again asked to fill a vacant seat on the board of trustees and then ran for the office of mayor when the former mayor retired.

Phillips also serves as the second vice president of the Nassau County Village Officials Association.

When Senator Jack M. Martins told Phillips he was running for Congress, he asked her to consider taking his seat. “I am honored and I am humbled,” she said. “I believe I have the résumé. I don’t just talk the talk. I talk about affordability and cutting taxes [and] I have cut taxes four years in a row.”

Phillips stands up for hardworking Nassau County families. For first-time home buyers, she has an idea for creating a program similar to a 529 college-saving plan. She wants to save those paying property taxes $230 million through a state takeover of county Medicaid, and bring back a fair share of state aid to Nassau County schools.

Fiscal responsibility is key with Phillips. “With a New York State budget of $154 billion, it has to have fat,” she said. “We have to have a cap on spending.”

Phillips wants to make government more transparent and fight corruption. She wants to enact term limits, eliminate taxpayer-funded pensions for corrupt politicians, pass tough penalties for big donors who illegally funnel large contributions to politicians, enact tougher ethics laws and restore public faith in government.

Phillips stands up for the environment. Being mayor during Superstorm Sandy when 3,000 tons of tree debris had to be removed, the Village of Flower Hill promotes the planting of trees, which act as a natural filter. She believes in keeping our waters clean and is a staunch supporter of the Manhasset Bay Protection. Phillips is also a strong proponent of local government, especially as it relates to the schools and not having the federal government dictate Common Core.

Having knocked on 7,000-plus doors to meet her constituents, Phillips has heard many stories and listened to what the community needs, which is jobs, lower taxes and making living on Long Island more affordable.

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