Peirez Sworn In As GNPS Board Of Ed Trustee

Donna Peirez (right) is sworn in as Board of Education trustee by Michele Domanick. (Photo by Joseph Catrone)
Donna Peirez (right) is sworn in as Board of Education trustee by Michele Domanick. (Photos by Joseph Catrone)

Donna Peirez won the Great Neck Public Schools Board (GNPS) of Education trustee seat that was up for a vote at the special election held on Dec. 6.

Peirez received 848 votes, more than any of the other six candidates. Nikolas Kron came in second with 384 votes. In third was Joshua Ratner with 224. Next was Lori Beth Schwartz with 199, followed by Grant Toch with 117, Donald Panetta with 49 and Nicholas Toumbekis with 48 votes.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Great Neck community for supporting me to fill the vacant Board of Education seat,” said Peirez. “It is an honor to be able to continue to work for the benefit of the students of Great Neck. It has been uplifting to see the interest that this election has brought to the peninsula,” she continued. “It bodes well for the continuing success of the high quality of education that our public schools provide. At a time when the nation’s public school systems are under attack, it is imperative that everyone with a vested interest in what the GNPS offer our children works together to maintain what we have, and prepare for the future. I am urging all of my fellow candidates to bring their experience, talents and energy to the table and remain involved.”

Donna PeirezReflecting on the race, Toumbekis said, “This election gave me the opportunity to meet many of the parents in our community and the other candidates, all of whom shared my interest in making sure the Great Neck Public School District continues to provide the best education we have been accustomed to for our children. Every one of the candidates was qualified to take on the responsibilities of the board position and any one of them would have been a good choice. Congratulations to Donna Peirez. She will do a great job!”

Panetta offered a similar sentiment, “Congratu-lations to Donna. I will be there for you if you need any help.”

Peirez will complete the remainder of Monique Bloom’s trustee position, which runs until May 2019. Bloom resigned in September due to increasing business obligations.

Eighteen potential candidates picked up applications for the trustee seat, which nine completed. Two of the original candidates, Mariana Restia and Michael Darvish, withdrew prior to the election.

The newest trustee was sworn in at the Board of Education Public Action Meeting on Dec. 12 at the Saddle Rock School.

Peirez said she will continue to be available to hear the community’s concerns and suggestions as she serves on the board. “It is important to stay in touch with the needs of the children, parents and residents that are our constituents. Please feel free to reach out by emailing me at”

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