Patients Given VIP Treatment


A new type of medical practice, adapting the “concierge” model of service, is now available in Great Neck, called MDVIP. This business model has been embraced by practices around the country, most recently with Dr. Adam Cohen in Lake Success.
With this practice, and others like it, the patient has an annual membership fee to ensure better access and medical care from their doctor. The patients receive their doctor’s email and cell phone numbers, and can schedule same-day appointments and longer visits. MDVIP-affiliated physicians limit their practices to no more than 600 patients.
According to the doctors, the patients who belong to MDVIP have a high level of care which focuses on prevention rather than just the treatment for an illness.
“Maintaining a high volume of patients typical in traditional primary care makes it nearly impossible to focus on the individualized needs of each patient,” Cohen told the Great Neck Record. With this new type of practice “doctor and patient have a partnership that keeps them healthier 365 days a year.” He added that with MDVIP he will be able to offer better care and “significantly lower hospitalization rates for patients.”
For the patients, appointments are less rushed and scheduling more flexible scheduling. There are travel advantages as well: Should you get sick in a different city, you have the opportunity to see another MDVIP-affiliated doctor.
The fee for this comprehensive prevention and wellness program for patients is an annual yearly membership fee of $1650 (which breaks down to $135 per month). This annual fee covers the MDVIP Wellness Program that encompasses advanced screenings and physician counseling that focuses on important health and wellness areas. These areas include heart health, emotional well-being, diabetes risk, respiratory health, quality of sleep, hearing and vision, sexual health, nutritional assessment, weight management, bone health, comprehensive risk factor analysis and face-to-face counseling with your own peronal doctor to develop a personalized wellness plan. The membership fee can be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
Cohen promises his patients: “My goal is to always give you exceptional medical care. I will develop a partnership with you, taking the necessary time to listen, and understand what is important to you; together we will work towards reaching your health goals, and I promise to give you the respect, dignity and compassion that you deserve.”
Cohen just recently moved his practice to the MDVIP model. Cohen is one of six MDVIP affiliates on the North Shore of Long Island, and it is one of 12 located on Long Island. He received his medical degree from Boston University and completed his internship and residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx.
Dr. Adam Cohen practices internal medicine.
MDVIP is at 2800 Marcus Ave. in Lake Success. Tel: 516-775-9090