Party Of The Century


“Spunky, sharp, amazing—and the best woman ever!” These are just some of the words Lillian Alpert’s grandchildren used to gush about their just-turned-100-year-old grandma.

Few are lucky enough to celebrate 100 years of life, let alone celebrate the occasion with 60 friends and relatives with a “Party of the Century.”

This special lady has a lot to be proud of and celebrate. Having grown up in Brooklyn, Alpert recently made Great Neck her new home. She attended Brooklyn College in the mid-1930s and was a part of the Nurse Cadet Corps during WWII. Following the war, Alpert became a chronic-care nurse and eventually switched to being a school nurse.

Prior to moving to Great Neck, she continued taking classes in a wide range of subjects at Brooklyn College and pursued hobbies, such as theater-going.

Today, she leads a vibrant and busy life as the matriarch for her large family of three children, seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Quite impressive for someone born long before computers, Alpert keeps in touch with distant friends and relatives through Facebook, text and Facetime. She also stays current by religiously reading The New York Times. The centenarian still enjoys dancing and playing Scrabble and bridge with her young great-grandchildren.

Everyone who knows Alpert only has superb things to say about her. One of her friends described her as “an unbelievable role model on how to age gracefully and live brilliantly.” One of her grandchildren described her as a “social butterfly” and said that “everybody loves her.”

Alpert reciprocated these loving words. When asked what inspires her, she credited her “great family and friends who support her.”

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