Parkville Branch Closes For Renovations

    Parkville Branch of the Great Neck Library.
    (Photo from the Great Neck Library website)

    The Parkville Branch of the Great Neck Library closed on Saturday, July 1 for renovations that are expected to be completed in approximately six months. The construction was enabled by a New York State Aid for Library Construction Grant worth $279,281.

    The Great Neck Library system has four locations — the Main Building, the Lakeville Branch, the Parkville Branch and the Station Branch. The library system offers an array of digital services — from audiobook libraries to newspaper and magazine access — and holds many live and virtual events for the community.

    The Parkville Branch construction will target and modify the interior design in order to maximize the function and appeal of the space.

    “[There will be] a relocated, programming/meeting space at the front of the building which will ease entrance and exiting of program audiences. The Children’s Room will be relocated to the rear of the building to a larger space with a self-contained family restroom,” said Great Neck Library Director Denise Corcoran. “There will be a mix of seating choices with both quiet and collaborative spaces. Energy efficient lighting will increase operational efficiencies.”

    The updates aim to enhance the library experience, while still highlighting the branch’s books, reference materials and displays.

    “The design is patron-centric with a strong connection to our collections,” said Corcoran.

    Great Neck residents should look forward to the library’s reopening, and updates as the renovation project proceeds can be found at

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