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Great Neck South parents create an astronomical evening

Since most of the seniors were born in the year 2001, the party theme plays off the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. (Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby)

Once again, the Great Neck South parents created a special farewell evening for the seniors on Thursday, May 30.

“Senior Event was open to every kid, it wasn’t the prom, which can be very expensive and everyone doesn’t attend,” explained Andrea Kosofsky, event chair. “I wanted every kid to have a chance to go to a party and be a kid.”

The parent volunteers worked for nearly a year planning an amazing night of fun for students, to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication throughout their high school years and to give them a night to remember with their childhood friends.

“Our Senior Event is a great event for our students,” noted Dr. Christopher Gitz, principal at Great Neck South. “This event provides our seniors with an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled evening with their friends and classmates. Additionally, the hard work, careful planning and great decorating of the gym by our parents and community members adds to the enthusiasm of the night. It is one of the final chances our students have to create positive memories they will take with them after graduation. Thank you to all of our parents and PTO members for their continued support of our Senior Event. The night was a success.”

Since most of the students were born in the year 2001, the theme played off the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, incorporating elements from outer space, including astronauts and aliens.

“The inspiration for this year’s event was the film 2001: A Space Odyssey,” explained longtime volunteer and retired art teacher Marvin Anchin, who created the striking life-size statues.

“Since most kids might not be familiar with the film, I decided to focus on the idea of outer space, and I thought that aliens would be fun for the kids,” Anchin continued. “Coincidentally, this year is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and although Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin was the second and is still alive.”

Anchin studied photos of Aldrin and created a very detailed replica of the astronaut, which welcomed guests at the entrance to the transformed gym.

“I love seeing a year’s worth of work come to fruition for Senior Event,” said Anchin. “I’m so glad I have a part of it. The one thing I miss after teaching art K to 12 for 37 years is getting to know the kids and their parents. I enjoy working with the Senior Event parents during the year and instructing them on art, and I enjoy giving back to the community, doing what I love what I do. The parents always thank me, and I make good and lasting friends. Then,
at the event, seeing the kids posing with the pieces and having fun with them gives me joy.”

Each year for many years and long after their own children have graduated, Anchin has been creating the characters for different themed events with the help of engineer Joe Friedman, who expressed the same exact sentiment.

Event chair Andrea Kosofsky finalizes the last-minute details.

“There’s good food, fun games and the kids have a great time,” noted Anchin. “When the lights go out and the music starts, it’s the last big night for the seniors to be together.”

In addition to decorating the room with themed games and fun photo cutouts for selfies, the volunteers also served the students delicious food in the Constellation Café.

“The Senior Event was a great experience to bond with my classmates in a festive and celebratory atmosphere,” said senior Noah Sheidlower. “Senior Event brought everyone together in appreciation of our achievements and successes throughout high school. The PTA and South did a fantastic job of ensuring that everyone had an amazing time.”

The event chair agreed, “Senior Event was out of this world.”

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