Ospreys Return To Steppingstone Park

Photo by Michele Siegel
Photo by Michele Siegel

A sign of spring has returned to the Great Neck Park District. OspreysReturn_040616.BOspreys, back from their winter hiatus, have been spotted and are currently nesting in Steppingstone Park. These birds are large, long-winged brown and white hawks that look to build their nests on large, dead trees near water. They fly south for the winter and return to the same nest each spring. Their offspring have been observed by the start of each summer at Steppingstone. Another osprey nest resides at Udall’s Pond but, so far, no ospreys have been spotted there this year. Visit Steppingstone Park and Udall’s Pond to see nature at its finest. The structures that the Park District have provided offer an important environment for these beautiful birds in western Long Island Sound. When visiting Steppingstone Park, view the ospreys as they survive in their natural habitat, and enhance your learning experience by reading the sign at the sea wall, close to the nest which contains information on osprey birds.

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