On The Baseline


The GNN Blazers Varsity Fab 5

Where is Eliot Kadouri? The Rock, the Man in the Middle, where is he?

Don’t be alarmed, the dominant center returned from a brief respite in Israel and has acute patella tendinitis. He is recovering fast and should return to the hardwood next week.

Congrats to Roger Hyman, or should we say congrats to Cornell? This high-flying forward has committed to attend this prestigious Ivy League university in the fall.

BU for Juju. Julien Hak has been accepted to Boston University. Get ready Terriers for an exciting offensive threat to nail some deep threes for next year.

Slick Shirian is still undecided on where he will take his talents next season. This thriving PG is nothing short of “All World” in our book. He can do it all.

Finally, there is the offensive powerhouse, Sharif. Word has it that he will be attending a local D2 here in the New York–metro area.

The inclement weather has delayed recent games, but the Blazers will be back on the court next week.

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