On The Baseline


March is the best month there is—not because of the change of season, but because of the madness surrounding the greatest sport’s event ever, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) tournament.

“This year features the most balanced field of 64 teams ever assembled,” noted Great Neck North (GNN) High School Junior Matt Yaz.

We polled several GNN students to find out about their favorites:

Matthew Nejat favors Duke University.

Richard Solomon likes UVA (University of Virginia).

Jackson prefers NC State (North Carolina State University); Yaz loves the ’Cuse (Syracuse University); Eddie I. roots for ’Nova (Villanova) and Lamoretti sides with the MSU (Michigan State University) Spartans.

Great Neck legend Paul Levy loves his VA Tech (Virginia Tech) Hokies. Too often, alumni get blinded by their emotional attachments.

This reporter feels Miami, West Virginia and Kansas have the best chances. Doing several pools gives you the fortune of being a clairvoyant prognosticator, as well as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

Go (Tufts University) Jumbos! 

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