Old Village Elections Opinion


I have had the privilege of knowing and observing Ralph Kreitzman and Jeffrey Bass for more than 25 years. I have seen them both in many roles, all related to business, family and community service. We are not close friends and that gives me the privilege to observe and comment without prejudice or bias.

Ralph and Jeffrey have always conducted themselves intelligently, professionally, ethically and selflessly with a pure sense of community interest and never a hint of self-interest. Their village and by extension the entire Great Neck peninsula and beyond are truly blessed to have seasoned and experienced public servants who place community interest over self-interest. As we discover day after day, most governments are far less fortunate. If government at all levels had people of such intellectual and ethical integrity the world would be a better, happier and far safer place. Although we don’t need to always agree with government, we do need to trust that government leaders act in the overall best interest of their citizens. Ralph and Jeff can be trusted.

I hope the residents of the Village of Great Neck see and appreciate Ralph and Jeff and (by dint of association) Mitch Beckerman and do us all a favor and return these fine people to office to continue to serve our communities while setting a proud example for those who will someday follow.

Gary Sazer

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