North High Teacher Achieves National Board Certification


The Great Neck Public Schools is pleased to announce that North High School science teacher Alan Schorn has achieved National Board Certification.

Schorn is one of 32 accomplished educators from New York State who achieved National Board Certification this year. There are more than 125,000 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) nationwide who are recognized for advancing student learning through excellence and leadership.

Schorn has been a member of the North High science department for the past 32 years. He currently teaches physics and science research classes, and he is also state-certified to teach math, biology, chemistry, and Earth science.

National Board Certification is awarded by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. NBCTs have earned recognition as outstanding educators through a rigorous, performance-based, peer-review process, demonstrating their proven impact on student learning and achievement.

Candidates for this certification must exhibit a deep understanding of their students, content knowledge, teaching practice, and use of data and assessments. The certification process—which takes several years to complete—requires portfolio entries, computer-based assessments, and standards-based evidence of successful teaching strategies.

The Teacher Center in the Great Neck Public Schools offers support for educators working toward their National Board Certification. Participating teachers represent a wide range of grade levels and subject areas, and National Board-certified mentors who offer guidance throughout the process. Educators work collaboratively to share successful strategies, strengthen educational programs, and work toward the personal and professional accomplishment of achieving National Board Certification.



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