North High Chamber To Perform Music Recital

North High School chamber musicians strike a playful pose.

North High School will present its Chamber Music Recital on Wednesday, April 26, at 7:30 p.m. in the school library, 35 Polo Rd. Students will perform under the direction of music teachers Dr. Janine Robinson and Joseph Rutkowski.

Kicking off the evening will be Haydn’s “London Trio Allegro” played by Jeremy Bernstein, cello; Zachary Lee, flute; and Madeline Yang, flute. Performing Handel’s “Gavotte” will be Judah Nouriyelian, cello; Elana Xu, violin; and twin brothers, Mark Xu, viola, and Matthew Xu, violin. Brothers Joshua and Scott Rothbaum will perform “Sonata for Two Clarinets” by Poulenc. Haydn’s “String Quartet No. 35” will be presented by Jeremy Bernstein, cello; Esther (HeeJun) Hwang, viola; Adam Tsou, violin; and Daniel Zeng, violin.

Performing Negata’s “Outset and Windfall Island, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” will be Andrew Chi, clarinet; Joosung (Joshua) Kim, bass clarinet; Bob Qian, clarinet; and Madeleine Yang, flute. Brahms’ “Trio, Op 40 Scherzo” will be presented by Vera Cho, piano; Daniel Itzkowitz, horn; and Rachel You, violin. Megan Xu, playing viola, and a pianist will perform “Viola Sonata” by Eccles. Bartok’s “Contrasts Sebes” will be performed by Rachel Berkower, violin; Zachary Lee, piano; Joshua Rothbaum, clarinet; Scott Rothbaum, clarinet; and Matthew Weinstein, violin.

Beethoven’s “Trio, Op. 11 for Clarinet, Cello and Piano” will be performed by Rutkowski on clarinet and Robinson on piano. They will be joined by noted cellist, Teresa Kubiak, who is a friend of Robinson’s.

Lin’s “Claps and Steps” will be performed by a percussion ensemble of Samuel Calto, Jinjing (Amber) Chen, Aaron Geula, Jacob Landerer, XiKai (Kevin) Liao, Raymond Lin, Lucien Wostenholme and Daniel Yue.

The recital will conclude with Mozart’s “Serenade No. 10, Grand Partita for Winds and Strings K. 363.” I. Adagio-Allegro; II. Menuetto; III. Adagio; IV. Menetto; and VII. Finale Allegro molto. Violinists will be Rachel Berkower, Adam Tsou, Matthew Weinstein, Elana Xu, Matthew Xu and Daniel Zeng; violists will be Esther (HeeJun) Hwang, Mark Xu and Megan Xu; cellists will be Jeremy Bernstein and Judah Nouriyelian; Kenneth (Kenny) Li, Shaun Maher and Berk Soykan will be on bass; Vera Cho will play the piano; Maya Mualem will perform on the oboe; and Zachary Lee and Madeline Yang will play the flute. Clarinetists will be Andrew Chi, Bob Qian, Joshua Rothbaum and Scott Rothbaum; Joshua Kim will play bass clarinet; Joshua Nouriyellian will perform on bassoon; Netta Mualem and Kaiming Zhang will play saxophone; and Sean Eliassi and Daniel Itzkowitz will play horn.

The public is invited to attend this free chamber music recital. For more information, email Rutkowski at

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