No Surprises In Village Elections


Elections were uneventful on Tuesday, March 21, when six villages held uncontested elections for mayor and trustee positions in the Villages of Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Plaza, Kensington, Russell Gardens, Saddle Rock and Thomaston. The results follow.

Great Neck Estates 

Mayor (two-year term): William D. Warner, 98 votes; Pyman Alagheband, 1 vote (write in)
Trustee (two-year term): Jeffrey Farkas, 99 votes
Trustee (two-year term): Ira D. Ganzfried, 93 votes
Village Justice (four-year term): David I. Schaffer, 93 votes; Kamran Alagheband, 1 vote (write in); Edgar Joseph, 1 vote (write in)


Great Neck Plaza

Trustee (two-year term): Gerry Schneiderman, 68 votes
Trustee (two-year term): Lawrence Katz, 66 votes.



Trustee (two-year term): Darren Kaplan, 21 votes
Trustee (two-year term): Alina Hendler, 22 votes


Russell Gardens

Mayor (two-year term): Steven B. Kirschner, 55 votes
Trustee (two-year term): Jane Krakauer, 50 votes
Trustee (two-year term): Martin Adickman, 49 votes


Saddle Rock

Mayor (two-year term): Dr. Dan Levy, 110 votes; Jeffrey Talasazan, 3 votes (write in)
Trustee (two-year term): David Schwartz, 96 votes; Gary Stark, 1 vote (write in)
Trustee (two-year term): Mark Collins, 98 votes
Village Justice (four-year term): Julia Gavriel, 101 votes; Gary Stark, 1 vote (write in)



Mayor (two-year term): Steven Weinberg, 32 votes
Trustee (two-year term): Jill S. Monoson, 33 votes
Trustee (two-year term): Burton S. Weston: 31 votes


Village of Great Neck, Village of Kings Point and Village of Lake Success elections will be held on Tuesday, June 20.

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6 Villages To Hold Elections On March 21

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