Nikolas Kron For Board Of Education Trustee

Nikolas Kron

I am pleased to announce that I am once again a candidate for trustee of the Great Neck Public Schools’ Board of Education. I am running for trustee because I have a passion for improving the educational process and preparing our children to succeed in today’s fast-paced and connected world. I am a parent of four children, three of whom are currently students in GNPS.

As a former management consultant and current real estate investor, I will use my financial and business expertise to find ways to manage our district as efficiently as possible. I believe there are ways to raise money from external sources, reserve sufficient capital funds over time and generally reduce expenses to allow the district to live better within its means. I know that this can be accomplished without sacrificing the educational standards that we expect from the number one school district in New York. I am unequivocally behind the GNPS and am encouraging all of our registered voters to come out on May 16 to vote Yes for the 2017–18 budget and vote Yes for the bond proposal.

My wife, Vivian, and I have both served on fundraising, shared decision making and UPTC committees. We have been active members of the community, getting involved in village, school and community issues. Through school, community and sports, I learn from my fellow parents and their children. Our district has many goals ahead of us—expanding universal pre-K, creating stretch programs for our brightest students and maintaining our aging infrastructure. As a community, we have to be open-minded, listen to many perspectives (even those that we don’t agree with) and make smart, fiscally appropriate decisions to create a public schools system that can educate our children for the 21st century. We have many exciting challenges ahead. Read this letter that I wrote to the editor of this paper.

Professionally, I have more than 20 years of experience as an adviser and entrepreneur. I consulted for Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini SA, helping clients take advantage of the latest technology and strategies to excel in today’s competitive landscape. I led project teams and delivered on-budget and on-time projects for client-Fortune 500 companies. I would like to bring that experience and thinking to the Board of Education.

If you elect me and give me an opportunity to serve our community, I will bring my passion and ability to the board and be a voice of our community’s concern for our children. I will share with the board my understanding of the latest technology and techniques to prepare our children to succeed in a highly connected global economy and to make a difference in the world. To learn more about my professional experience and why I am running for the board, visit

—Submitted by the candidate

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  1. In one breathe says he left most of the involvement with schools up to his wife. In another says he has always been involved with schools and communities. Also his the fact his 4th child in Private school. Disingenuous and can’t be trusted.

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