New Student Internet Policy


SchoolInternet_061715ANow older (high school students) in the Great Neck School District will be permitted a more age-appropriate
use of the Internet. Due to the recently revised Policy on Computer Network and Internet Acceptable Use For Students and Staff, the school district’s high school students will have further Internet access. This newly revised policy will permit high school students to have access to the appropriate school district “bring your own device” (BYOD) wireless network and a new section, “Terms and Conditions for Personal Devices,” would be added (eliminating the need for the Wireless VLAN Authority form).

This policy states that its philosophy that the integration of technology with the curriculum is an essential part of instruction. The philosophy also states that there is “inherent” responsibility on the part of users and filtering is used and parents could choose to opt out of having their children use the Internet at school. Internet users at school could identify blocked sites they thought were important for use. The policy also included personal security issues (safety issues and how to deal with dangerous, illegal, obscene, inappropriate content or content that would cause the user to feel uncomfortable.)

This new revision will include the provision stating that school district staff members and high school students could bring their “personal devices” to school and use the school district’s wireless network.

There are three high schools within the Great Neck School District:
Great Neck North High School, Great Neck South High School and The Village School.

The proposed policy revision was read for the first time at the June 1 school board meeting and was read for a second time at the June 15
public action meeting and adopted at the recent June 15 public action meeting (at the school board’s organizational meeting).

To revise, add or delete a policy, at least three public readings are required.

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