New Street Lights For Thomaston


Thomaston_080114AThe Village of Thomaston will be receiving funding from Nassau County as part of a Community Revitalization Project (“CRP”) to purchase and install new LED lights to replace bulbs currently lighting streets in the Village. The request for funding was unanimously approved at a full meeting of the Legislature held on January 26, 2015. Legislator Ellen W. Birnbaum (D-Great Neck) worked tirelessly with the Nassau County Executive’s office and the Village of Thomaston to see that this project received funding through an inter-municipal agreement between Nassau County and the Village. This project is anticipated to result in electricity cost savings for the Village due to a one-third decrease in wattage required by the LED lights. The LED lights are expected to last about four times longer than the current bulbs the Village is using. The existing street light fixtures, poles and heads will remain.


“I am glad that the Village of Thomaston will receive funds which will be used to upgrade their street lighting with LED lights. This is an environmentally friendly project because LED lights last longer than the bulbs the Village currently uses and they use less electricity which should result in cost savings for the Village in the years to come” said Legislator Birnbaum.

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