New Look For 7-Eleven


711When the new 7-Eleven opens at 788 Middle Neck Road in the Old Village, the building will sport a new look, different than the standard “look” usually dictated by corporate headquarters. 

The building, at the corner of Steamboat Road, will be complemented by a Nassau County Police Department booth also unique in design. At the Feb. 4 board of trustees meeting, developer Kris Torkan and village officials agreed on signs and landscaping that they believed would be pleasing to the neighbors. Torkan had checked all of the signs and landscaping in advance and all options were in accord with 7-Eleven headquarters.

First, discussing the signs, Lane Macchio from American Sign Crafters presented options. The board chose one—a sign with wood-like letters and lighting inside the eave above it. The side of the building will have one externally lit sign.

In addition, there will be a free-standing sign in the planted island along Middle Neck Road.
At this meeting, the board also approved signage for the police booth on the northwest corner of the property. The booth itself had been previously approved. The police booth building will display the Nassau County Police Department logo and the words “police” in large letters near the top, on the Steamboat Road side and on the Middle Neck Road side. This, too, will be illuminated by external lighting.

As for the landscaping, some plans for trees were changed and a small patio with a bench was added next to the police booth. In general, at this meeting, there were only some minor changes made and approved.

At the end of the presentation, Torkan announced that he had arranged for a license plate reader to be installed at the site. This license plate reader will be connected to both the Nassau County Police Department and to the Kings Point Police Department.

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